Granting a sub-user access to your account

Sometimes you need to grant access to your account to other members of your organisation or external third parties. Fortunately, we have an easy and effective way to manage sub-user accounts.

To begin, if you are not logged in, log into your account by clicking the Login button above.

Once you are logged into the Dashboard for your account on the left hand side you will see a section called "Contacts". To begin the process of adding a user to your account click "+Add Contact".

Contacts can exist in two forms:

  1. Account contacts
  2. Sub Users with Login Acccess
Adding a new User

1. Enter the users contact details where requested.
2. If you wish to give the new user login access to the account click "Tick to configure as a sub-account with client area access". This will open the user access permissions and require a password to be set for the new user.
3. If you checked the box in step 2, choose the user access permissions that you would like to give to this new user, and give the new user a password.
4. Choose which email notifications you would like the new user to receive.
5. Click Save Changes to grant the user access. 

Once you have added the user and selected that they can login to the account, you can direct them to login at using the credentials you set up for them.

Editing or Deleting a users sub-account

If you wish to edit a sub-user or if they no longer require login access to your account, you can remove them by clicking on their name in the Contacts panel on the Dashboard, or from the drop-down menu at the top of the Sub-Contacts page. Found under the "Hello, Name"  navigation menu.

Once you can see the users details, you can either edit their details or level of access or click the Delete Contact button at the bottom of the page to remove them from the account completely. Deleting a contact is not reversible.
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