How to create a new mailbox


If you have your own hosting account and wish to create branded emails with your own domain name, then creating an email account his how you start. Emails are used to send messages accross the internet and are a staple of the business world.
Note: This tutorial only covers setting up an email mailbox within the Momentum Hosting control panel. 
1. Log in to your hosting account
You first need to login to your account by clicking the Login button in the top right of this page. This control panel gives you access to manage all of your hosting services, email accounts, billing, contact details and support requests. If you do not know your password you can reset it by clicking the Forgot Password link on the login page.

2. Locate your hosting account
Once you have logged into your account you are taken to the client dashboard. This is an overview of the services, domains, invoices and support tickets you have with us. To find your hosting account click the Services button on the main navigation bar and then select My Services. A full list of your hosting services are displated in a table. Select the hosting account which is attached to the domain you want to create the email account under.

3. Locate the Quick Create Email Account block
On the hosting service dashboard you will see a selection of quicklinks to various hosting areas. The area you want to find is the Quick Create Email Account block this is where you will create your email account. Enter the email address you wish to create and a password for the account and click Create. This will begin the task of creating the email account under your hosting service. After a couple of seconds you will recieve a confirmation that your account has been created.

Once your email account has been created you can setup your account in your mail client, mobile device or access via webmail.
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